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    Manufactured in Valencia, Spain, famous for its ancient tradition of leather goods.

    This handbag is made with vegetable leather, handpainted edges and cotton lining.

    Vegetable leather is tanned through an ancient system called “Concia in fossa” (pit tanning) a traditional process that has worked for thousands of years. Using tannins, oils and waxes made from vegetable or other natural extracts that allows the leather to keep transforming and create a beautiful patina by daily wear, meaning that only gets better with age.

    The porcelain pieces are made in our workshops in Spain and Portugal, following artisanal production techniques.

    Hand and shoulder removable straps are included. Fits smart phones like iphone and iphone plus.

    Calfskin leather, handcrafted porcelain and cotton linning


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      Our original packaging is made to protect your piece during transit.

      Even if our pieces are very strong at the time of wearing, they might me more delicate when they are being shipped or moved around. For this reason we prepare and protect them meticulously for shipping.

      Once you receive it, we recommend you to store your jewelry or handbag separately and in its original packaging to avoid damages or scratches.



      The porcelain pieces found in ANDRESGALLARDO jewels and handbags are made by craftsmen in Spain and Portugal, rescuing traditional processes based on high quality standards.
      We develop plaster casts (moulds) for the porcelain figures that are painted and enameled by hand then heated at the kilm. Some pieces require to be heated up to three times depending on colors or finishings. This is only a brief resume of the complicated and -sometimes- mysterious processes involved in porcelain making.
      This means that you may find differences between pieces of the same style such as size or colour; that are just the warranty of a handcrafted work.
      We recommend you to store your jewellery piece separately and in its original packaging to avoid damages or scratches on the porcelain figures.

      Our jewelry pieces can be made of: 18K Gold Plated Brass (2 microns), Silver Plated Brass or Sterling Silver.

 In every case the metals used are in compliance with international metal composition jewelry regulations. They are always lead and nickel free. 
      The silver and gold patina fades over time, this is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear. The speed of this natural process depends on the way the jewelry is taken care of.
      We do not recommend you to wear jewellery when you sleep, swim or practice sports. We recommend you to avoid contact with perfume and make-up.
      Our handbags and leather goods are manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, famous for its ancient tradition of leather goods. They are made with the finest Spanish leathers, handpainted edges and suede or cotton linning. 
      Leather is a natural and living material that needs careful maintenance in order to avoid stains or scratches. Each piece of leather is unique and can vary in colour and texture. 
      Its natural irregularities such as growing creases, abrasions or little dots are the sign of its uniqness and we do not consider them us defaults. 
      We recommend you to store  your handbag separately and in its original packaging to avoid damages or scratches.
      Spanish napa is a refined leather with a polished finishing that adds longevity and resistant to humidity and stains. 
      Avoid excessive contact with water, oily substances, perfumes and cosmetic products. If your item happens to get wet, remove excess water with a soft cloth and without rubbing. Then let it dry at room temperature.
      Please fill your item carefully and to a reasonable load in order to keep its original shape.
      Vegetable tanned leather is a bovine leather with no synthetic finishes, this means that the surface of the leather may show inherent imperfections such as: uneven tone, grooves and irregularities. This look, artisanal and imperfect is part of the beauty of this type of leather.
      Although scratching and color variations will occur, we do not consider these marks as defects but the patina created by daily wear.  
      Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Water and other chemical substances might leave marks on this type of leather, if this shall occur, the tone can be unified by applying moisturizing cream evenly and softly above the full surface.
      Please fill your item carefully and to a reasonable load in order to keep its original shape.
      In the unfortunate case that a piece shows faults or is damaged during transportation, please contact us as soon as possible within the 7 days following to the reception of your order, by writing an e-mail to

 If possible in your e-mail include a photo of the piece showing the faults or damages. 

We will gladly collect the faulty or damaged piece and issue a refund or exchange it.
      In the undesirable event that any of the porcelain pieces of your jewel or handbag be broken for reasons beyond our control, please contact us in order to send the piece to our Porcelain Hospital, we will try to recompose it or replace the damaged figure.
      Before procedure we will send you a medical care budget including the shipping expenses and the cost of any replacement pieces for your approval.
      Contact for any inquiry.
      If after a while you wish to renovate the gold plating of your jewelry piece please contact us and we will send you a budget including the shipping expenses and the cost of the plating

      Sometimes we do not produce every size of a product. If you can’t find the size you want or you have doubts about the sizes available please contact us at

      If your size is not available, we can make it to order. Contact us at


      Some of our rings are adjustable, this means that you will be able to adjust it to the size of your finger manually. When a ring is adjustable it will be shown in the product description.

      In the case of non-adjustable rings please follow this sizing guide:
      S – UE size 11 M – UE size 13 L – UE size 15


      Our bracelets are designed to be tightly worn on the wrist. If you have doubts about the fit of a bracelet please contact us at


      All of our leather chokers can be adjusted manually.


      Our metal chokers are designed to be tightly worn on the neck. If you have doubts about the fit of a metal choker please contact us at


      Our basic chain length is 48 centimeters; this is the length for most of our necklaces. However, some styles feature longer chains. To get a better idea of the length of a necklace please refer to the photo of the necklace fitted on a model that you will find in the product page. If you have doubts about the length of a necklace or you wish to have a longer or shorter chain please contact us at