As Artisanal As It Gets

Our porcelain rabbits take the care and dedication of skillful hands, like Sara's -daughter of our master modeller Francisco- who you can see here applying the mastery learned from her father.

Celebrating Rabbits

The rabbit has become a symbol of our brand. It happened by a combination of chance and choice.
The enthusiasm of our community of fans in China have had a lot to do with it. This year, coinciding with the Chinese New Year of the rabbit, we want to honor this figure that has brought us so much luck.


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We ❤️‍🔥 Chokers

We've created a dedicated space for these wearable and stylish pieces. Four new belt colors and all (y)our favorite handcrafted porcelain pendants come to play.
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We've unboxed two new colors and a new style, plus all-time favorites.


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Make a personalized piece of jewelry with a unique combination of charms chosen by yourself, and turn it into an earring or a pendant.
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