SINCE 2011

ANDRESGALLARDO is a contemporary approach to jewelry and leather goods that combines design and craftsmanship with porcelain as its flagship material.

The crafting facet of the project was a response of its creators to their intuitive need for excellence and closeness.

A decade after its foundation, the craftsmanship and sustainable nature of ANDRESGALLARDO finds its peak, siding with the development of the world of design and society.

In 2018 the opening of a flagship store in Las Letras neighborhood of Madrid and receiving the prize for "Best jewelry brand" at IED Design Awards reaffirm the status of ANDRESGALLARDO as a consolidated brand, a pioneer in claiming and performing the potential of crafts for contemporary creation, and a reference within the world of design and the "Made in Spain" brand.

The idea behind ANDRESGALLARDO germinated in 2010: Jewelry made from porcelain figures found in markets and antique shops. The concept and out-of-the-box aesthetics of these pieces caught the eye of customers and specialized press.

In 2011 the personal project turned into an established brand. After an experimental and intuitive start grants them a unique, recognizable aesthetics and conceptual groundwork, the firm starts to consolidate, which takes the duo to seek after experience and craftsmanship in Spain and Portugal to evolve in agility for creation and production.

It's been ten years since we decided to go on our way as an independent brand. We had our years of experience, enough money to run a business for a year, and we counted on the unconditional support of friends and family. What we didn’t have was knowledge in the handling of the material that was the starting point of our brand, porcelain.

Our lack of expertise with the material led us to create outside the established. We experimented without rules, moved by our intuition and inner needs: Placing creativity at the center of our process, making things with our own hands, and bonding honestly with our new collaborators.

At Barcelos-Portugal, we looked for the aid of craftsmanship to reproduce our once unique pieces, to learn from the tradition and further experiment. We found the artisan who's an essential part of our practice, Francisco. The son and grandson of modelers met two Spanish designers looking to reproduce a broken porcelain eagle to feature in a necklace. Despite the rareness of the request he dove right into the pool without a second thought, with admirable optimism and excitement. Just as Francisco still approaches every new development ten years after. He's the most visible head in the team of artisans who've accompanied us along this decade. Together we enjoyed the road to experimentation and excellence; they, teaching us and watching us grow.

We feel every step has been an organic choice; creativity, craftsmanship, and worthy, respectful relationships move ANDRESGALLARDO as company and brand.

Our community has grown from physical to digital; we're no longer two but a small team that feels like a family.

In 2018 we grounded ourselves on our first store at Las Letras Neighborhood in Madrid, a few meters away from the bar we first toasted to the beginning of this adventure.

2020 came as we were planning this anniversary; we had to halt our celebration plans to focus on navigating a difficult time. Allowing us to pause, look back, and reflect on the past, giving a new meaning to our celebration. Paradoxically, in seclusion, we felt our community closer than ever. We decided to look forward, deliberating on the future as a team, profoundly thinking into what we're capable of as an independent brand.