Wallet Moon Bag Vegetable Brandy


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Manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, famous for its ancient tradition of leather goods. This handbag is made with a spanish vegetable tanned leather called vaquetilla, handpainted edges and suede lining. The porcelain pieces are made in our workshops in Spain and Portugal, following artisanal production techniques.

Vegetable tanned leather is a naked leather with no synthetic finishes, this means that the surface of the leather will change beautifully over time. Althought scratching will occur, we do not consider these marks as defects but the patina created by daily wear. Exposure to the sun will also enhance its natural look.

Hand and shoulder removable straps are included. Shoulder removable strap. Fits smart phones like iphone.

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Height 10 cm | Width 16 cm | Depth 3,5 cm | Max strap length 89 cm