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A pair of hoop earrings featuring Sargadelos’ “Figa” figure, a fetish that holds protective powers in Galician and several cultures.

We are proud to present a new collab featuring the iconic
hand-painted, handcrafted porcelain figures of the historic
Galician house, reimagined as jewellery pieces through our vision and techniques.
Sargadelos is the oldest manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain
in Spain. It has been home to creativity in porcelain making and
design, collaborating with artists and designers since its origin
over 200 years ago. We’re thrilled to join the history and to
meet their ancestral savoir-faire.

Hand-painted, handcrafted porcelain from Sargadelos, 18K gold plated brass, and silver. For pierced ears.
Made in Spain

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Handcrafted porcelain, 18k Gold plated bras (2 micron)

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