About Us

ANDRESGALLARDO is an artisanal and subjective approach to fashion jewelry.

Hand-crafted porcelain figures featured in jewelry pieces and leather goods that balance the raw and the refined, the playful and the sophisticated.


Sometimes our porcelain pieces are taken from objects found at antique shops or flea markets, which we break and polish to obtain a desired figure. We then use it as a base for a cast to be reproduced in small series of repetitions. We also design and produce our own porcelain pieces.

Our selected run productions and unique pieces series are handcrafted in collaboration with Spanish and Portuguese artisans, recovering traditional production methods to combine fine materials with contemporary aesthetics through an artisanal process based on high quality standards.

All porcelain flowers are hand-painted and sculpted one petal at a time.

They are made in collaboration with experienced workshops, located in Valencia, Spain; where this technique has been performed for decades. As this decorative style has become unpopular the women sculptors and workshops are diminishing in quantity. We take pride in rescuing such a delicate and meticulous artisanal process.


The leather in our handbags and other pieces is from bovine origin. Produced in Spain, the types of leather are the highest quality Vaquetilla and Napa.

It is processed and tanned in Ubrique, Spain; a region which is re-known for traditional leather crafting.


The metalwork and grasping of the porcelain pieces is hand-made entirely in our Madrid workshop by a team who believes in working with agility and care.

All metalwork is made in brass or stearling silver and gold plated. It complies with the International Lead-containing Jewelry laws.