Warranty & Advices


The porcelain pieces found in ANDRESGALLARDO jewels and handbags are made by craftsmen in Spain and Portugal, rescuing traditional processes based on high quality standards.

We develop plaster casts (moulds) for the porcelain figures that are painted and enameled by hand then heated at the kilm. Some pieces require to be heated up to three times depending on colors or finishings. This is only a brief resume of the complicated and -sometimes- mysterious processes involved in porcelain making.

This means that you may find differences between pieces of the same style such as size or colour; that are just the warranty of a handcrafted work.

Our porcelain pieces are combined with Spanish leather, metals and other materials selected with high quality standards.



Please contact us within 48 hours after delivery if you have received a piece that is faulty or that has been damaged during shipping.

We will gladly replace the faulty piece and recycle the porcelain figures.

If items have a manufacturing fault that occurred within a 12-month time frame after purchase, please contact us immediately.



The silver and gold patina fades over time, this is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear. The speed of this natural process depends on the way the jewelry is taken care of.

We do not recommend you to wear jewellery when you sleep, swim or practice sports. We recommend you to avoid contact with perfume and make-up.

We also recommend you to store your pieces of porcelain jewelry separately and in its original packaging to avoid damages or scratches.



In the undesirable event that any of the porcelain pieces of your jewel or handbag be broken for reasons beyond our control, please contact us in order to send the piece to our Porcelain Hospital, we will try to recompose it or replace the damaged figure.

Before procedure we will send you a medical care budget including the shipping expenses and the cost of any replacement pieces for your approval.

Contact hola@andresgallardo.es for any inquiry.